Calgary’s Top 9 Wedding Venues

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From heritage sites to modern masterpieces, Calgary, Alberta, offers a wealth of spectacular wedding venues. Each will create a unique ambiance for your big day, but all have one thing in common – they’ve played host to stunning floral arrangements provided by You Floral. To date, we’ve helped enhance over 300 wedding ceremonies across the city. Now, let’s discover the top nine venues Calgary proudly presents.




A Guide to Crafting Magical DIY Wedding Flowers At Famous Calgary Wedding Venues


Heritage Park Historical Village


Heritage Park Historical Village

If you’re envisioning a vintage-style wedding, Heritage Park offers the perfect blend of history and elegance. The venue features stunning architectural elements, including heritage buildings and a historic chapel, beautifully enhanced by You Floral’s array of flowers.


The Hyatt Regency Calgary

For an urban, sophisticated wedding, the Hyatt Regency in downtown Calgary provides upscale ballrooms and services. You Floral’s contributions have helped it earn its reputation as a premier wedding locale.


The Calgary Zoo

Create an unforgettable experience by tying the knot amidst exotic wildlife. The Calgary Zoo provides a unique setting where You Floral has often orchestrated beautiful blends of wild and elegant floral creations.


River Café

River Café, located on Prince’s Island Park, offers an idyllic environment. It features stunning natural beauty, which has often been enhanced by our vibrant and organic floral designs.


Azuridge Estate Hotel


Azuridge Estate Hotel

Nestled in the Alberta Foothills, Azuridge Estate Hotel brings the beauty of nature to your wedding. Our floral arrangements have added splendid colors to this charming venue the picturesque landscape provides.


Heritage Park Hyatt Regency Calgary Zoo River Café Azuridge Estate Spruce Meadows Teatro Ristorante Fairmont Palliser Pinebrook Club
Setting Vintage Style Urban Uptown Unique, Exotic Natural Beauty Rustic Elegance Equestrian Charm European Grandeur Regal Grandeur Majestic Mountains
Floral Design Inspiration Heritage Elegance Sophisticated Blends Vibrant Wildlife Organic Elegance Splendid Color Pop Rustic Elegance Majestic Floral Elegance Royal Floral Opulence Romantic Wilderness


Spruce Meadows

For equestrian lovers, Spruce Meadows offers breathtaking outdoor space and indoor halls. Be it simple rustic or elegant floral themes, You Floral has continually worked magic to complement this venue’s charm.


Teatro Ristorante


Teatro Ristorante

Embrace a European ambiance in the heart of Calgary at Teatro Ristorante. The majestic grandeur of this venue combined with You Floral’s exquisite designs results in a superior wedding experience.


Fairmont Palliser

Fairmont Palliser, with its regal opulence and grandeur, is a Calgary classic. You Floral’s experience with creating the perfect blooms for this venue ensures that your floral decor enhances its royal elegance.


Pinebrook Golf and Country Club

Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, Pinebrook Golf and Country Club offers stunning scenic views. You Floral’s nature-inspired arrangements have successfully added a touch of romantic wilderness to this spectacular venue.



Choosing the right venue is as important as picking the perfect flowers for your big day. Let it reflect your personality, tell your love story, and accommodate your guests comfortably.

With You Floral, the floral design for your wedding is guaranteed to beautifully harmonize with any of Calgary’s top wedding venues. We tailor our flower arrangements to flawlessly blend with the venue, ensuring every wedding has a unique, visually stunning aura that enhances the overall experience.




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