Calgary’s Most Popular Wedding Flowers for a Stunning Autumn Affair

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Every couple wants their wedding to be a memorable affair. One way to ensure this is by choosing the right wedding flowers. In Calgary, Alberta, the Autumn season introduces a unique palette of vibrant colors and textures that can influence your floral choices. This article aims to take you through some of the most popular wedding flowers that help create an unforgettable fall wedding scene in Calgary.




Calgary’s Top-Pick Autumn Wedding Flowers for a Spectacular Fall Ceremony


Autumn Gold: Sunflowers

A single glance at a sunflower can instantly remind you of sunlight and warmth – elements that beautifully contrast the cooling temperatures of a Calgary autumn. The bold, golden hues of sunflowers match the rich tones of autumn leaves, making them a favorite for fall weddings. A sunflower bouquet can bring vibrancy to any wedding theme.




Pretty in Pink: Dahlias

Dahlias feature intricate petals and vibrant colors, ranging from light pink and lavender to deep burgundy and crisp white. Being in their prime during the fall, Dahlias become an excellent choice for autumn weddings in Calgary. Their unique, spherical shape and vast array of colors ensure they blend effortlessly with other fall wedding flowers.




A Touch of Class: Roses

Roses are timeless classics that fit all seasons and weddings. For a fall wedding, consider varieties like the orange-yellow “Autumn Sunset” or the burgundy “Black Baccara.” Their distinct rich colors reflect the season’s charm skillfully. Mix them in bouquets with other fall favorites, or let them shine on their own for a sophisticated classic look.


Sunflowers Dahlias Roses Mums Calla Lilies
Color Golden hues Multiple vibrant colors Autumn sunset, Black Baccara Red, Orange, Yellow Deep plum, Burgundy
Best For Bouquets Mixing with other flowers All purpose Boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces Adding depth to arrangements


Fall’s Delight: Chrysanthemums (Mums)

As quintessential fall flowers, mums boast a striking variety of bold colors and petal patterns that echo the richness of autumn. The fiery red, deep orange, and bright yellow tones of mums can work exceptionally well in boutonnieres, corsages, and centerpieces. Their robust nature means they’ll stay fresh throughout the wedding, making them a cost-effective and reliable floral choice.




The Moody Bloom: Calla Lilies

The distinctive shape of calla lilies adds an appealing depth to floral arrangements. Choose deep plum and rich burgundy calla lilies to mirror the moody and romantic hues of the fall season.



Autumn in Calgary sets the stage for an exceptional wedding ambiance. Choosing seasonal flowers familiar to Calgary not only assures their availability, but also their ability to withstand the climate, giving you the most beautiful and freshest bouquets and arrangements.

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